Karen Olmsted

My mom was a brave woman who made hard sacrifices for those she loved. She loved her children, grandchildren and family deeply. She was a woman sincerity and kindness. She loved with all her heart and cared for so many people. She is survived by her children; Cassie, Joshua, and Erin. Her grandchildren, Landon, Carson, Adalyn and Caleb. Her sister Darlene and her ex-husband of 30 years, David. She will be missed by so many people. Her love will remain in our hearts.

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  1. Karen was so cool Cassie! I loved it when she would come over for holidays or get togethers. I’d always tease her about her jello or lack there of! She gave me one of the most sweetest girls I’ve ever met. I’ll always remember your mom and what she gave this world. I love you and hope that peace finds your heart soon.